Why School is considered as Second Home of a child!

It is said; Learning happens in the mother’s womb before a child is born. Once the child is born, his learning happens through his experiences. The child keeps learning from his near and dear and also from his surroundings right from the cradle to a toddler to a playful child.

The child is now a school going child where he comes across all new faces. Trying to find the same care that he experiences at home. Here is the role of a school as a second home to a child and the teacher as the second mother. Children come across many friends and have a joyful time of learning through fun.

The teachers enlight the life of the children and illuminate their world with the light of knowledge. So, school is known as “Temple of Knowledge”.

The major chunk of children’s time is spent in the schools, that is the reason schools are considered to be the second home for them.

The behaviour and thinking process of the kids is totally dependent on the learning that takes place in the schools. Schools build a strong foundation of knowledge and wisdom for children. Every parent gets tensed and worried while sending their child to the schools for the first time. But eventually, the child becomes habitual to the school environment and the overall process of schooling or education becomes easy.

As time flows classmates & playmates become like family. As they interact more children get to know about everybody’s nature and families together. This process makes them attached to the school and it becomes their second home.

My second home is truly my school, 

the place where we feel, we own the rule!


Though a home is incomplete without your mother, 

coz she can’t be replaced by any other.


Tough a home is incomplete without your father, 

coz your family feels not to be that stronger!


That’s why we’re gifted with TEACHERS, 

who look after us without any terms & conditions.

-Juhi Jahnvi.