Why teachers are irreplaceable!

I strongly believe that “The job of a teacher is to inspire, to challenge, to excite their students to want to learn…”

If we can’t inspire the students in our class room, we are simply not doing our job. If we are unable to challenge them with tasks that provoke them to think, to reflect and to grow, we are still not doing our job. And if we are unable to excite in our students a desire to learn, to ignite a passion and love of learning, then learning will just not happen.

These words are said, very passionately, in a powerful video released in 2014.

This will revolutionize education

The words spoken are impassioned and exciting. The style is slick and captivating. But for me, the standout comments come toward the end of the video, when the important role of the teacher is highlighted.

“The fundamental role of a teacher is not to deliver information, instead it is to guide the social process of learning…”

“The most important thing a teacher does is make every student feel like they are important, to make them feel accountable for doing the work of learning…”

And then the final impassioned lines of the video state the case very clearly;

“… what really matters is what happens inside the learner’s head and making a learner think seems best achieved in a social environment with other learners and a caring teacher.”

Take a few minutes to watch. The words and visuals of this video may also resonate with you for some time!